It’s not your airbags or seat belts that’s the most important safety feature on your car, truck or SUV – it’s your brakes. Your brakes are the one feature that should always be in top shape at all times. Without them, it’s impossible to come to a smooth, safe stop.

Brake pads wear down, rotors get out of shape and other various parts can break, seize up or leak due to wear and tear, abuse or rust and corrosion. If you think your car could use some high quality brake repair Keller TX, don’t hesitate to call on the professionals at City Garage to get the job done.

Signs of Brake Trouble

The most common signs of brake trouble often involve unusual noises and vibration coming from the breaks themselves. Here are a few important signs that it’s time to have your brakes inspected by a qualified professional:


  • Metallic screeching, grinding or squealing noises from the brakes
  • Vibration and pulsation on the steering wheel or in the brake pedal
  • Pungent odors emitting from your tires
  • Spongy brake pedal feel
  • It takes more effort than usual to press the brake pedal
  • You see your car’s anti-lock brake system (ABS) light flash or stay illuminated

These warning signs are often easy to hear and see for yourself. Ignoring them puts your car at risk of a catastrophic brake failure, endangering yourself, your passengers and fellow motorists on the road.

Quality Brake Repair Keller TX

Brake problems are something you want to take care of early on, before things get worse. City Garage has the right tools, expertise and staff to take care of any type of brake repair, no matter how minor or major the job.

City Garage is always there whenever your car needs quality brake repair Keller TX. Visit our shop today or stop by online to make an appointment.