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Shocks And Struts

Shocks And Struts

Fort Worth Shocks and Struts Replacement

Although shocks and struts do much of the same job for your vehicle (reducing vibration and bounce due to the movement of your vehicle over the road surface; particularly over a rough, uneven surface), they’re certainly not the same thing. The majority of cars or trucks will have either shocks or struts, depending on the nature of the vehicle. Essential to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride, shocks and struts are also needed to reduce stress on the engine and chassis, helping to minimize the risk of damage and help your car to last longer. If you’ve noticed some signs that there may be something amiss with your shock absorbing system, or are online searching for a suspension repair near me in Fort Worth, we can help.

One of the Most Convenient Shocks and Struts Repair Shops Near Me

If you suspect your shocks or struts are beginning to weaken, it’s important to get them over to us as soon as you can. Signs that they may be causing problems include:

Tire shaking or vibration after running across a pot hole or bump on the road

Body sway on corners

Too much bounce in the ride

Depending on the type of vehicle and the sort of driving that you undertake, your shocks or struts will usually need replacing around every 50,000 miles. If you don’t get your shocks replaced when needed, the additional vibration that your engine and chassis is being subjected to can result in long-term damage – prompt attention from our team is always best if you value your vehicle.

Auto Suspension Shop Near Me in Fort Worth

When you send your car or truck to us because of concerns over its struts or shocks, we do far more than simply replace the defective parts. For a start, we will look your vehicle over carefully, accurately diagnosing what the problem is – there are several different issues that can give rise to similar symptoms, so we take the time to make an accurate diagnosis. This means you never end up paying for repairs you don’t need. Once we’ve established the cause of the problems, or inspected your shocks to check their condition, we’ll provide you with an update on what we’ve found as well as some options for repair, giving you the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you and your vehicle.

Shocks and Struts Replacement from a Fort Worth Garage That Gives You More

When you entrust us with your truck or car, you’ll have the work you need completed by ASE certified technicians who will do everything they can to keep your car on the road for longer. As well as skilled, high-grade technical input, we also offer a large amount of advice and support to drivers who want to prolong the useful life of their car. We have plenty of tips and tricks to enhance longevity which we are always happy to share. Our team remains committed to offering a high level of customer care at every stage of your dealings with us – from FREE vehicle drop-off once work is completed through to FREE Wi-Fi and a convenient online booking system, we want to stand out for all the right reasons. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, call us at (817) 427-1800 (Fossil Creek Alliance) or (817) 292-5700 (Southwest Fort Worth).