Preparing for Your Annual State Inspection in Fort Worth, TX


When you register a car in Fort Worth, you are required by Texas law to get an annual inspection done. This type of state inspection Fort Worth TX auto professionals can give will check on everything from the safety of your vehicle to the type of emissions it is releasing each time you drive. By getting a state inspection Fort Worth TX wide, you will not only be making sure your vehicle is safe to have on the road, but also will be reducing the harmful emissions that we all produce. Here are some tips on preparing for your vehicle’s annual state inspection:

If Your Check Engine Light is On, Get it Fixed

One of the most common reasons that Texas vehicles will fail the state inspection Fort Worth TX requires is because of a check engine light remaining on. In fact, if the light is on, you will automatically fail the test. The check engine light is something that many drivers will ignore, but it is certainly something that you should look into. If could be something as simple as needing a new gas cap, to something as troubling as a failing catalytic converter. You can get this checked for free at a number of auto stores and shops though the cost of repairs will vary.

Ensure Your Lights, Brakes, and Tires are in Good Shape

You will also find that people will fail the safety part of the annual inspection because their tires, lights, or brakes are not working as they should be. It only costs a few dollars to replace a headlight, for instance, but if it’s out, it can cause you to fail the test. Usually, when you get an oil change, they will inspect all of these things, and let you know if something needs looked at.

By taking the time to check on these things before you head into your annual state inspection, you will save time and money as you don’t want to have to pay for an inspection that you know you will fail.