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Timing Belt Repair Replacement

Timing Belt Repair Replacement

Fort Worth Timing Belt Repair & Crankshaft Replacement

A broken timing belt doesn’t just mean that your car can’t be driven; it can also cause widespread damage to your engine. The function of the timing belt is to control the camshafts in your engine, which in turn control the opening and closing of the cylinder valves. Timely operation of the cylinder valves is one of the fundamental criteria for a fully functional internal combustion engine – if the timing begins to go awry, performance is affected significantly; if the timing belt snaps and you continue to drive, even for a short distance, your engine could require costly repairs. We are a timing belt repair shop in Fort Worth, offering timing chain repair and replacement for cars and trucks of many different types.

Fort Worth Timing Belt Maintenance

When it comes to timing belts or chains (they perform the same function, but the former usually requires replacement every 40,000-60,000 miles. A timing chain will usually last over 100,000 miles; however, our ASE certified technicians suggest that it’s replaced every 90,000 miles to minimize the risk of an unexpected failure when you’re driving). When it comes to timing chain replacement, we are able to work on most makes and models of car or truck, including older models and imports – just get in touch and we’ll make sure the right parts are waiting for you when you drop your vehicle off, ready for the repair or replacement to be completed.

Fort Worth, TX, Garage with Timing Chain Specials

With more than twenty years of experience behind us and a growing network of local garages in the area, we know that putting the customer at the heart of what we do is the secret to our success. From a fast, easy online scheduling option through to a complementary vehicle drop at your work or home once we’ve completed your timing chain work, we try to make life more convenient when you use us. As well as being competitively priced, we also offer a great selection of deals and offers that can save you even more. To find out more, or to schedule your car in for timing belt work, call us at (817) 427-1800 (Fossil Creek Alliance) or (817) 292-5700 (Southwest Fort Worth).